New Era Debt Solutions Review

New Era Debt Solutions Review: Unveiling Facts

New Era Debt Solutions is a top-rated debt relief company that has been assisting consumers to get out of credit card debt without bankruptcy or loans since its inception in 1999. The company has carved out a name for itself in the debt relief sector. It is committed to full transparency and honest disclosure regarding its debt settlement program.

With a strong reputation backed by an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and a 4.9 out of 5-star rating on TrustPilot, New Era Debt Solutions has garnered positive feedback from numerous satisfied customers.

Their effective approach towards debt relief is evident in their impressive track record, with an average debt settlement amount of only 42.87% of the original debt. As we delve deeper into this review, we’ll explore more about the company’s services, its commitment to customer success, its success rate, and the pros and cons of choosing New Era Debt Solutions for your debt relief needs.

Who are New Era Debt Solutions?

New Era Debt Solutions, founded in 1999, is a reputable debt relief company that provides services nationwide. The organization is headquartered in Camarillo, California.

The Company

New Era Debt Solutions has a proven track record in the industry, having settled over $275 million in debt. The company operates with a team of:

  1. Debt relief specialists
  2. Financial experts

These professionals work diligently to offer debt relief and reduction services to help people become debt-free, typically over three to five years.


New Era Debt Solutions has earned multiple achievements and accreditations:

They proudly proclaim themselves as a fast and ethical route to becoming debt-free on their LinkedIn page, which is followed by over 198 individuals. The company’s co-founder and several debt consultants are active on LinkedIn, further establishing their professional presence.

Given the information available, it is clear that New Era Debt Solutions is a legitimate company committed to helping individuals solve their debt problems.


New Era Debt Solutions is physically located in the state of California. Here are the exact details:

  • Address: 330 Wood Rd, Suite B
  • City: Camarillo
  • State: California
  • Postal Code: 93010

Provided Services

New Era Debt Solutions is a top-rated debt relief company that has been in operation for over 20 years. They offer a range of services aimed at helping consumers eliminate their credit card debts.

Here is a summary of their services:

  1. Debt Relief: New Era allows consumers to withdraw from credit card debt without bankruptcy or loans. This forms the core of their service offering.
  2. Free Debt Analysis: They offer prospective clients a free debt analysis service. This service involves assessing the client’s debt situation and providing a plan for debt relief.
  3. Client Dashboard: New Era provides an online client dashboard that allows clients to monitor the progress of their debt settlement program in real time.
  4. Creditors Payment: They have an experienced team that helps pay off the creditors safely and effectively.

Please note that the details about their minimum debt requirements are not provided on the website. Contacting the company directly or visiting their official website is recommended for more detailed information.

Secretary of State Information

The official legal entity name behind New Era Debt Solutions is New Era Group, Inc.

The company information is available in the Secretary of State California database.

New Era Debt Solutions - Secretary of State information

Licenses and Accreditations

New Era Debt Solutions doesn’t explicitly mention specific licenses or professional accreditations on its official website or other available online resources. However, they have provided services in the debt relief industry since 1999 and have certified debt consultants working for them.

According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), New Era Debt Solutions is rated A+. This rating reflects BBB’s opinion about the entire organization’s interactions with its customers, including interactions with local locations.

Note: Always validate the credentials of a debt relief service provider independently before making a decision.

Offer Mail Example

Unfortunately, no publicly available examples of offer mail from New Era Debt Solutions exist. It’s important to note that offer mail content can vary based on the individual’s situation and negotiation with the company.

However, you can expect the offer mail to provide information about the negotiated debt settlement and the agreement terms. When you receive an offer mail, it’s crucial to thoroughly review it and understand all aspects before signing anything. Consultation with a lawyer or financial adviser is also recommended to ensure the agreement is in your best interest.

Remember always to verify the legitimacy of any such offer mail, as scams can often appear in the guise of debt relief offers. If you encounter any suspicious mail, it’s recommended to contact New Era Debt Solutions directly for confirmation.

For further information or any questions, it’s best to contact New Era Debt Solutions directly or consult a legal professional.

Official Website

The official website of New Era Debt Solutions serves as a comprehensive resource for individuals seeking debt relief.

New Era Debt Solutions - Official website

It offers a wealth of information related to the company’s services and is designed to facilitate interaction and communication between the company and its clients.

Key features of the website include:

  • Free Debt Analysis: The website offers a free debt analysis for potential clients. This tool can help individuals better understand their financial situation and inform their future decisions.
  • Client Portal: A special dashboard allows clients to monitor their debt settlement program online. This feature ensures transparency and allows clients to stay informed about their progress.
  • Comprehensive Information: The website provides in-depth information about New Era Debt Solutions’ services, team, and success stories. Potential clients can use this information to determine if the company’s approach aligns with their financial goals and needs.

LinkedIn profile

New Era Debt Solutions has a notable presence on LinkedIn with a follower count of 198. The company describes itself on the platform as a “fast and ethical route to becoming debt-free”.

New Era Debt Solutions - LinkedIn profile

Representative LinkedIn Profiles: Here are a few key employees who represent New Era Debt Solutions on LinkedIn:

  1. Dan Smith – VP-Co-Founder
  2. Alyssa Bradford – Certified Debt Consultant
  3. James M. Wortman – Client Service Representative

Each employee has a profile on the platform, sharing their roles, experiences, and contributions to the company.

Company Description: The company uses its LinkedIn page to showcase its commitment to providing debt relief solutions and its role as a financial expert.

The LinkedIn page also provides insights into the company’s location in Camarillo, California, and the team size, highlighting their broad reach and expertise.

We recommend visiting the New Era Debt Solutions LinkedIn Page for more detailed information.

Commitment to Customer Service and Success

New Era Debt Solutions is strongly committed to customer service and their clients’ success. They pride themselves on their:

  • Exceptional customer service: Their team of trained debt specialists provides information and support to their clients throughout the debt settlement process. They aim to help their clients improve their financial situation and quality of life. However, it’s important to note that they reportedly do not offer weekend support for existing customers.
  • Commitment to success: New Era Debt Solutions believes that the success of its debt settlement program often depends on the client’s commitment to staying the course, even when it gets tough. They support their clients throughout this journey.
  • High standards and integrity: They operate based on sound principles, high standards, and integrity, which might be reflected in the very low complaint rate they have.
  • Focus on customer satisfaction: New Era Debt Solutions strives for customer satisfaction. They seem to put a lot of emphasis on ensuring their clients are satisfied with their services. This is reflected in their positive customer feedback.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rating

New Era Debt Solutions has maintained a reputable standing with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). They have been a BBB-accredited business since 2001 and consistently maintained an A+ rating throughout.

New Era Debt Solutions - BBB rating

The company also holds a high customer rating on BBB. Based on 102 customer reviews, they have an average rating of 4.89 out of 5. This rating reflects the overall customer satisfaction with the services provided by New Era Debt Solutions.

Customer Feedbacks

The feedback from customers is positive, indicating their satisfaction with the company’s services. Here are some highlights from the customer feedback:

  • Customers appreciate the transparency and honesty in the company’s dealings.
  • Many customers have highlighted the ease of monitoring their debt settlement program online through the client dashboard provided by New Era Debt Solutions.
  • No upfront fees and free debt analysis are some of the features customers appreciate.

You can visit New Era Debt Solutions’ BBB page for a more detailed view of customer feedback and ratings.

Trustpilot Rating

New Era Debt Solutions has an impressive rating on Trustpilot. With a perfect 5-star rating it reflects well on the company’s reliability and effectiveness in providing debt relief services.

New Era Debt Solutions - Trustpilot rating

According to Trustpilot, the company is also ranked 10th out of 27 in the category of Debt Relief Services, which speaks volumes about its industry reputation.

Furthermore, the customer feedback is overwhelmingly positive. More than 349 people have shared their experiences with New Era Debt Solutions, singing praises about the company’s services.

Here are a few examples of the reviews:

My experience with New Era was very good. It is hard not to be skeptical when entering into a debt settlement program but New Era turned out to be a good solution for my situation. They were professional and extremely helpful in working out the best possible solution. In doing so, they carefully explained things along the way. Hopefully will never have to go through a settlement program again but should I have to, I will call New Era!

my account was passed from another consolidation company to NewEra they walked me throw new process and treated me wonderful. They settle my accounts in a very efficient and professional manor and got me great settlements. I have recommend them to several friend and I was very happy and satisfied with how NewEra handled my account

The whole process was very easy and understandable. All the stuff in New Era were always happy to assist me and answer my question as well as educated me about the process.

However, reading through the reviews in detail is still advisable to better understand the client’s experiences.

Remember that experiences can vary, and what works for one person may not work for another. Conduct thorough research and consider multiple options before deciding on a debt solution service.

For more context and in-depth reviews, visit Trustpilot’s website.

Google Reviews Rating

According to Google Reviews, New Era Debt Solutions has a high rating of 4.9 stars, which indicates overall positive customer feedback.

New Era Debt Solutions - Google Reviews rating

Here is an example of the positive customer feedback from Google Reviews:

“I am very pleased with the service I received. They did everything they promised to do in a timely manner. I would refer them to anyone that needs a debt relief”

Remember always to do your due diligence and consider multiple sources of information before deciding.

Best Company Rating

According to Best Company, New Era Debt Solutions has an overall score 6.0 based on 183 user reviews.

New Era Debt Solutions - BestCompany rating

Though the company holds a mid-range rating, it’s crucial to delve into the individual reviews to understand the experiences of past customers better. Unfortunately, Best Company doesn’t provide a detailed rating breakout; however, hundreds of individual customer reviews are available for deeper insights into customer satisfaction and experiences with New Era Debt Solutions.

It’s worth noting that ratings can fluctuate over time, and it’s a good idea to check the latest reviews for the most current insights.

Please remember that a company’s rating is just one factor when choosing a debt solution provider. Other important factors include the company’s range of services, fees, and the level of customer service provided.

Success Rate

According to the information provided by the company, New Era Debt Solutions has been a top-rated debt relief company since 1999 with a transparent success rate. Their reputation for competitive settlement agreements stands out, suggesting a potentially high success rate.

Since its inception, New Era Debt Solutions has settled over $275 million in debt. Their expertise in debt negotiation and their debt negotiators consistently score competitive settlement agreements, indicating a high success rate.

While we don’t have a direct figure for their success rate, independent reviews and testimonials suggest high customer satisfaction. However, further research and comparing multiple services is always recommended before deciding.

Notably, the company’s statements about its success rate are not independently verified. Therefore, while they present themselves as successful, potential clients should take these claims with a grain of caution and look for unbiased, third-party reviews to establish the credibility of these claims.

Pros and Cons


  • High Credibility: New Era Debt Solutions has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and positive reviews on multiple platforms, indicating trustworthiness and reliability.
  • Effective Debt Relief Services: The company has effectively reduced its customers’ debts to 42.87% of the starting balance on average. This indicates a high success rate in providing debt relief services.
  • Positive Customer Experience: Many customers have expressed satisfaction with New Era Debt Solutions’ services, indicating that they are pleased with the company’s efforts and results.
  • Competent Staff: Customers have praised New Era Debt Solutions’ staff as outstanding and helpful, indicating a strong commitment to customer service.


  • Limited Availability: New Era Debt Solutions does not offer services in all states. Specifically, Iowa, Maine, and Oregon residents cannot afford their services.
  • Possible Biased Reviews: While customer reviews are generally positive, it is important to note that companies often hire non-customers to leave favorable reviews. This may potentially impact the authenticity of some reviews.

This comprehensive review of New Era Debt Solutions’ pros and cons should help potential customers decide whether to use the company’s debt relief services.

New Era Debt Solutions Alternatives

Several alternatives are available if you’re considering New Era Debt Solutions but want to explore other options. Here are some other reputable debt relief companies that offer similar services:

  1. National Debt Relief: Known for its excellent customer service and comprehensive debt relief programs.
  2. CuraDebt: Offers debt relief services and financial advice to help you regain control of your finances.
  3. DMB Financial: Specializes in helping clients establish a solid financial future and providing debt settlement services.

Apart from these debt settlement companies, there are also other methods available that can help you manage your debt:

  • Debt Management Plans – It’s a structured repayment plan set up and managed by an accredited credit counseling agency.
  • Debt Consolidation involves taking out a new loan to pay off your debts.
The Ultimate Guide to Debt Consolidation Loans
  • Credit counseling – A professional counselor can offer advice on managing your money and debts and help you plan a budget.
Essential Financial Tips to Elevate Your Day-to-Day Money Management
money management tips

Always thoroughly research each alternative to ensure they fit your financial situation and long-term goals.


Is New Era debt relief legit?

New Era Debt Solutions is a reputable company in debt relief services. They hold an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and a high rating on TrustPilot, demonstrating customer satisfaction. Individuals should thoroughly research and consider their options when seeking debt relief.

Is debt relief bad for your credit?

Depending on the method used, debt relief can significantly impact your credit score. For instance, while a debt management plan may not directly affect your scores, closing accounts can. Debt settlements, which are often seen as negative factors on a credit report, can lead to a substantial drop in your credit score. Therefore, while it can relieve debt, it’s essential to consider the potential implications for your credit profile.

Are there really debt relief programs?

Various debt relief programs are available to individuals facing significant debt in the financial sphere. These include the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program and debt settlement programs offered by commercial entities. Other debt management plans propose payment of unsecured debts, typically credit cards, in full but often at a reduced interest rate or renegotiated terms. These programs are designed to help those in debt navigate their way to financial stability.

Is debt hardship relief legit?

Debt hardship relief programs can be legitimate. However, it is critical to be cautious, as scams do exist. Legitimate programs typically do not contact you first. It’s important to research any firm you’re considering doing business with and verify whether they are licensed if your state requires it. Always consult with a trusted financial advisor when considering debt relief options.


In conclusion, New Era Debt Solutions has proven to be a reputable and trustworthy company in the debt relief sector.

The reviews from various platforms, including the Better Business Bureau (A+ rating) and Trustpilot, consistently demonstrate high customer satisfaction. This is a testament to the company’s commitment to providing excellent services.

With an average settlement amount of only 42.87% of the original debt, New Era Debt Solutions has demonstrated effective debt management strategies that truly work for its customers.

However, as with all financial decisions, potential customers must conduct thorough research and consider all their options before settling on a debt management plan.

In the context of this overall review, New Era Debt Solutions is a commendable option for those seeking debt relief. Still, the final decision should always be based on an individual’s financial situation.

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