Patriot Funding - Is It Right for You

Patriot Funding Research: Is It Right for You?

Ever found yourself drowning in a sea of multiple debts, each with its own repayment terms, due dates, and interest rates? If so, the promise of debt consolidation loan probably sounds like a siren song to your ears.

Now, let’s zoom in on one company that’s caught the attention of many: Patriot Funding. With roots in Michigan and a bit murky history (some say 2014, others 2018), this company claims to be the answer to your debt-laden prayers.

Offering personal loans to help consolidate those pesky credit card bills, medical debts, and other high-interest burdens, Patriot Funding paints a tempting picture. Imagine – just one monthly payment, potentially lower interest rates, and the dream of a debt-free horizon!

But before you dive headfirst, it’s crucial to understand the full picture. Let’s unpack what Patriot Funding genuinely offers and why the allure of debt consolidation is so hard to resist for many.

A Quick Snapshot of Patriot Funding: What Do They Offer?

Founded in the picturesque 35054 23 MILE ROAD, Chesterfield, Michigan, 48047 (you can find company information at Michigan Secretary of State Corporation & Business Entity), Patriot Funding company is touted as a beacon for those struggling with debt.

At first glance, their offers are enticing.

They promise personal loans designed to help folks consolidate a myriad of debts – from the looming credit card bills after holiday shopping sprees to those unexpected medical bills that caught you off guard.

Patriot Funding - Mail example

With loan amounts that can reach up to $32,500 and APRs that begin at a seemingly modest 3.87%, it’s easy to see why many are curious.

It’s like a piece of cake! Right?

Well, not in this case!

Understanding Patriot Funding

I never trust the information I never asked for, especially when someone’s pushing it to me.

I did not request this offer, so I decided to find additional information about the company.

And was not surprised.

Are you ready? Let’s dive in!

Origin and Operational Years: A Disparity in Information

Hey, remember when we used to get mixed stories about where someone was last weekend?

Well, with Patriot Funding, we’ve got a similar puzzle.

Depending on where you look, there are many different tales about when this company opened its doors.

Google Bard mentions 2009, making it sound like an old player in the game.

Patriot Funding - Google Bard results

Meanwhile, Perplexity points towards a more recent 2018.

Patriot Funding - Perplexity search results

So, which is it?

And more importantly, why such a disparity?

It’s these small details that make us tilt our heads and wonder. Sure, a company might move, rebrand, or pivot its services, but a change in its foundational year raises eyebrows.

It’s akin to a friend suddenly celebrating their birthday in a different month!

OK, we can’t trust AI 100%, so let’s check where the date 2018 came from:

Patriot Funding - Since 2018

So, the information is coming from the corporate website. But is it the real truth?

Let’s search Patriot Funding at the Michigan Secretary of State Corporation & Business Entity:

Michigan Secretary of State Corporation and Business Entity - Patriot Funding LLC

And you’ll see that Patriot Funding was registered in Michigan in 2014.

You know what? I’m curious…

Let’s check the Patriot Funding WebArchive history. And it appears that the website history started on May 18, 2001.

But on May 23, 2001, we had the initial version of the website:

Patriot Funding - The beginning

It looks like a business idea of the Patriot Funding is almost 22 years old!

But let’s come back nowadays…

Patriot Funds BBB ratings and Trustpilot reviews: Can we trust them?

Picture this: you’re online shopping, and you see a product with glowing 5-star reviews. It gives you some peace of mind, right?

In the business world, positive ratings, like those from BBB and Trustpilot, are akin to those 5-star reviews.

So, does Patriot Funding have this pretty badge with BBB accreditation?

The short answer is NO.

Patriot Funding - BBB accreditation

So, what about Patrot Funds Trustpilot reviews mentioned on the primary company page?

Patriot Funding - Fake Trustpilot reviews

Let’s check the Patriot Funding Trustpilot page:

Patriot Funding - Real Trustpilot page


The Ghost Town of LinkedIn profiles

Patriot Funding’s LinkedIn corporate page has only several employees with profile pictures, including its owner mentioned in Michigan’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs database.

Patriot Funding - LinkedIn

Another signal?

Bait-and-Switch Reports: Stories from the web.

Have you ever heard a rumor about someone and wondered if it’s true? The web is buzzing with tales of Patriot Funding’s possible bait-and-switch tactics.

Patriot Funding - Behaviour reviews

Always be wary and know precisely what you’re signing up for.

Referral or Actual Service Provider? Unpacking the debate.

Remember that earlier analogy of a friend with a truck? It’s worth repeating.

If Patriot Funding is merely referring you to someone else, it changes the game. Know who you’re truly doing business with.

Patriot Funding - Google search results

Financial decisions are a bit like choosing the right partner at a dance.

You want to know their moves, their rhythm, and if you can trust them to lead.

As we jive through these details, always be sure you’re comfortable with the steps ahead.

Is Patriot Funding legitimate?

The Patriot Funding is a legally registered business that claims itself as “… a trusted financial organization dedicated to helping people…” At the same time, inconsistency in information about this business raises lots of questions. Please, be super cautious.

Would I Recommend Patriot Funding to a Friend?

So, imagine we’re sitting at our favorite coffee spot, sipping on lattes, and you ask me straight up about Patriot Funding.

I’d lean in, take a deep breath, and say this: With all the information I’ve gathered, the good points, the concerns, and the slightly confusing bits, I’d hesitate to give it a resounding yes.

Like recommending a movie with a plot twist that leaves you hanging, I’d want you to be fully aware and prepared.

And honestly?

Given the mixed signals and some red flags, I’d probably tell you to look elsewhere or at least be super cautious.

Where to get trustworthy debt consolidation loan services?

So, where to go?

I’d recommend you check my list of the best debt consolidation loan companies or at least Google them yourself.

The Ultimate Guide to Debt Consolidation Loans

After that, you can do your own similar research and ask for your personal quotes from more well-known and trustworthy companies before making a decision.

I hope this post was helpful.