Smart Financial Credit Union Review

Smart Financial Credit Union: A Comprehensive Review

Smart Financial Credit Union is a dedicated financial service provider that offers smarter habits, smarter lending, and a smarter life to its members. Established in 1934, the company has grown to boast over 70,000 members and 14 branches across the greater Houston region.

Committed to meeting the financial needs of its members, Smart Financial Credit Union offers a range of services that include but are not limited to:

Their mission is underpinned by a commitment to facilitating financial growth for their members and fostering safer financial practices. This comprehensive review will delve into the details of this reputable organization, covering everything from its services to customer feedback and commitment to customer service.

Who are Smart Financial Credit Union?

Smart Financial Credit Union is a full-service financial institution that puts people over profits. They are dedicated to providing their members with smarter financial habits, smarter lending, and a smarter life.

Their primary goal is to meet the financial needs of all current and retired school employees in Franklin County and select groups. This focus on specific demographic groups is a testament to their commitment to serving the needs of their members and the community at large.

The Smart Financial Credit Union team is passionate about providing superior service to its members. But they don’t stop at just providing financial services. They are also actively involved in community development. Through volunteer efforts, donations, and the Credit Union’s entrance fee, they work towards making their communities better places to live, work, and play.

Regarding leadership, as of June 2022, Smart Financial Credit Union announced the selection of LeAnn Kaczynski as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

With a focus on people, community, and service, Smart Financial Credit Union is more than just a financial institution – it’s a partner in promoting smarter financial habits and elevating the quality of life for its members and their communities.


Smart Financial Credit Union provides services to its members through several branch locations.

Here are some of their key locations:

  • Main Office: Located in Houston, Texas
  • Branches:
    • Houston Branch
    • Conroe Branch
    • Kingwood Branch
    • Katy Branch

Each of these branches is fully equipped to meet the financial needs of their members, offering full services of the credit union.

Additional branch locations and specific address details can be obtained from the official Smart Financial Credit Union website.


Smart Financial Credit Union provides a range of services designed to meet the diverse financial needs of its members.

  • Loans: The Credit Union offers its members Auto Loans and Mortgage Loans, facilitating buying a car or a house.
  • Accounts: Smart Financial offers a variety of Checking Accounts, allowing its members to manage their daily financial transactions conveniently.
  • Credit Union Membership: Membership is available to all current and retired school employees in Franklin County and select surrounding regions.
  • Digital Banking: The union offers free mobile banking apps and Online Banking facilities. These digital platforms enable members to perform myriad transactions and manage their accounts remotely.
  • Bill Pay and Account Transfers: Members can leverage the union’s Online Bill Pay service for hassle-free payments. They also offer the ability to perform account transfers.
  • Quicken Services: To help members manage their finances better, the credit union also provides Quicken Services.

The Smart Financial Credit Union is always focused on people, not profits, striving to provide its members with the most convenient and advantageous financial services.

National Credit Union Service Organization Information

Smart Financial Credit Union is a federally insured state-chartered credit union headquartered in HOUSTON, TX, with 13 branch locations and about $867.63 million in total assets.

Smart Financial Credit Union - NCUSO information

For more information about the credit union, check out the NCUSO website.

Licenses and Accreditations

The Smart Financial Credit Union has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since 2004. This accreditation reflects the business’s commitment to uphold the BBB’s standards, including a commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve consumer complaints.

Smart Financial Credit Union, being a Federal Credit Union, is also regulated by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), a federal agency that insures deposits and protects members of credit unions.

The National Credit Union Service Organization (NCUSO) provides a complete list of Smart Financial Credit Union, services offered, financial condition, and branch & ATM locations.

Offer Mail Example

A specific example of an offer mail from Smart Financial Credit Union is unavailable for review. However, it’s important to mention the company’s communication practices, which are relevant for current and potential members.

The credit union has stated that they will never ask for your personal or account information via email, text message, or phone. This is a part of their commitment to protect their members’ personal and financial information from potential threats and scams. If you receive any such communication, you should not respond and contact Smart Financial Credit Union directly.

Always verify the sender’s email address and the information provided in the email before taking any actions. Safety and security are a top priority for Smart Financial Credit Union, and they strive to provide a secure banking environment for all their members.

Official Website

The official website of Smart Financial Credit Union is a comprehensive platform that provides members with various essential services.

Smart Financial Credit Union - Official website

Designed with user-friendliness, the website offers a wide range of features.

  • Online Banking: The website provides comprehensive online banking services, allowing members to manage their accounts anytime.
  • Mobile Banking Apps: For those who prefer banking on-the-go, Smart Financial also offers free mobile banking apps.
  • Online Bill Pay and Account Transfers: The website provides members with the convenience of online bill pay and account transfers, making managing finances less hassle.
  • Quicken Services: Members can also use Quicken services on the website.
  • Mortgage Loans: The website provides information on mortgage loans to help people afford properties in Houston, TX.
  • Travel Notification Form: They offer a travel notification form to be filled out by members at least 48 hours before departure.
  • Community Commitment: The website also showcases the Credit Union’s commitment to the community, including its partnerships with organizations like the Houston Children’s Charity.

LinkedIn Profile

Smart Financial Credit Union is a Houston-based financial cooperative owned and operated by its members. The organization is prominently visible on LinkedIn, sharing updates about its services and community involvement.

Smart Financial Credit Union - LinkedIn profile

Here are a few key details about their LinkedIn presence:

  • Location: Houston, Texas.
  • Industry: Financial Services.
  • Specialties: Integrated Business Planning, Enterprise Performance Management, Finance Transformation, and Planning.

Smart Financial Credit Union uses its LinkedIn profile to interact with members and potential customers. It also shares insights about the financial industry and information about its own services and achievements.

One of the notable aspects of their LinkedIn profile is their clear focus on their members. Their tagline, “Putting our Members and Community First for 60+ years,” signifies their commitment to serving their community and customers.

In addition to their company information, the profiles of several employees, including key executives, can also be found on LinkedIn. This provides a more human face to the organization and gives potential customers or partners a glimpse into the company’s culture and values.

Overall, the LinkedIn profile of Smart Financial Credit Union provides a comprehensive view of the organization, its services, and its commitment to its members and the community.

Commitment to Customer Service and Success

Smart Financial Credit Union has a longstanding commitment to providing superior customer service and focusing on the success of its members. This commitment is deeply rooted and has been a core value of the institution since it was founded in 1934. They place people, not profits, at the heart of their work, and this approach is evident in the way they serve their members.

One of the hallmarks of Smart Financial Credit Union’s service is its personalized approach. This approach ensures that each member gets the attention and the service they need to achieve their financial goals. This commitment to personalized service underscores the credit union’s commitment to its members and their success.

In addition to personalized service, Smart Financial Credit Union is committed to financial education. They believe in empowering their members through knowledge and providing free financial education resources. This commitment to financial education demonstrates how Smart Financial Credit Union supports its members’ success.

In summary, Smart Financial Credit Union’s commitment to customer service and success is demonstrated through its personalized service, focus on financial education, and core value of putting people over profits. This approach has helped the credit union build a reputation for excellence in member service.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rating

Smart Financial Credit Union has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since December 16, 2004. Based in Houston, TX, this credit union has been recognized for its commitment to maintaining positive customer relationships and satisfactorily handling customer complaints.

Smart Financial Credit Union - BBB rating

The company has an impressive A+ rating from the BBB. This score is determined by the BBB’s opinion of how the business is likely to interact with its customers. The rating incorporates multiple factors, including customer complaints, the type of business, and the time the business has been operating.

Fortunately, the BBB website has no reviews or complaints about Smart Financial Credit Union.

In conclusion, Smart Financial Credit Union’s high BBB rating signifies that the company adheres to high business standards and demonstrates commitment to customer service.

Trustpilot Rating

Upon searching for Smart Financial Credit Union on Trustpilot, no specific information or ratings could be found. This means there are currently no available customer feedback or reviews on the platform. For more details about the company’s reputation and customer experience, check other sections of our comprehensive review.

Google Reviews Rating

Smart Financial Credit Union has a fairly good rating on Google Reviews. Our research shows they hold an average 4-star rating across all physical locations.

Smart Financial Credit Union - Google Reviews rating

Below are some of the feedbacks from customers:

  • Positive observations highlight quick transaction completion, convenience, and safety of their mobile banking application.
  • Some customers mentioned that their experiences with the bank were a hit or miss, depending on the speed in the drive-thru versus the tellers inside.
  • One major complaint from a customer was about double payments on car loans, which took days to resolve.

Please note that customer experiences greatly vary, and these are just some of the experiences shared on Google Reviews. It is advisable to manage your expectations and do more research or ask people using their services for a comprehensive understanding.

Best Company Rating

Unfortunately, there is no available information regarding the rating and customer feedback of Smart Financial Credit Union on Best Company. This section will be updated as soon as such information becomes available.

Success Rate

Information about the exact success rate of Smart Financial Credit Union is not readily available. However, other key performance indicators can give us an insight into their level of success.

  • Health Rating: Smart Financial Credit Union has a C+ health rating. Although not a direct measure of success, this rating indicates the credit union’s financial health and stability.
  • CD Rates: The credit union’s CD rates are reportedly 5 times the national average. This is a clear indicator of the competitive rates they offer, which, in turn, can be viewed as a measure of their success in providing members with competitive financial solutions.

Remember, its financial standing does not solely measure a credit union’s success. Important factors include customer satisfaction rates, community impact, and various services offered.

Smart Financial Credit Union Pros and Cons


  • Good work-life balance: Employees have reported a healthy balance between their work and personal lives, indicating a supportive work environment.
  • Caring Management: The management team is reported to care for the employees and steer the company in the right direction.
  • Fair Pay: Employees have reported receiving fair pay for their work.
  • Useful Training: The company provides beneficial training to its employees.
  • High CD rates: Smart Financial Credit Union offers CD rates that are 5X the national average, indicating good investment options.
  • Convenient Mobile App: The user-friendly mobile app simplifies banking tasks for members, supporting smarter habits, smarter lending, and a smarter life.


  • Poor Customer Service: Some customers have reported experiencing poor customer service.
  • Rude Employees: There have been reports of employees behaving rudely.
  • Unprofessional Upper Management: Some customers have raised concerns about the unprofessional behavior of the upper management.

Alternatives to Smart Financial Credit Union

While Smart Financial Credit Union offers various financial services, several other credit unions also provide competitive financial solutions. Here are some alternatives to consider:

  1. Alliant Credit Union: Known for various services and excellent customer service.
  2. Consumers Credit Union: Offers high-checking APY and has a strong reputation for customer satisfaction.
  3. Pentagon Federal Credit Union (PenFed): A good choice for those looking for reward credit cards.
  4. Navy Federal Credit Union: The largest credit union in the U.S. by membership and mainly serves military members.
  5. State Employees’ Credit Union: Offers a wide range of banking services focusing on serving state employees.
  6. Boeing Employees Credit Union: Known for their commitment to their members and the communities they serve.

These credit unions offer unique advantages and have a strong reputation in the financial sector. Researching and comparing multiple options is always a good idea to find the financial institution that best suits your requirements.


In summary, Smart Financial Credit Union appears to be a mixed bag. They stand out with a robust CD rate, which is considerably higher than the national average, and have a C+ health rating. Their commitment to providing smarter habits, lending, and life to their members is commendable.

However, it’s worth noting that customer reviews are mixed too, with some praising the company’s fast transaction times, while others have expressed dissatisfaction with the customer service quality. The company has room for improvement in this area.

Given this information, potential customers should weigh the benefits of Smart Financial Credit Union’s higher-than-average rates against the potential for customer service issues. As with any financial institution, it’s crucial to thoroughly research and consider your specific needs and circumstances before deciding.

Their accreditation by the BBB since 2004 indicates a level of trustworthiness, but potential customers should still do their due diligence. Remember, financial decisions should always be made based on carefully considering all available information.